Do you want to help?

As we scale the Quoxent system globally, we will need people to help in a wide variety of capacities. If you feel this is something you would be well suited for, please reach out to us at [email protected].


Currently, we are looking for developers and marketing experts from around the world who would like to be involved in changing business forever. 


We can accomplish much more if we work together than if we all try to solve the same problems again and again on our own. The Quoxent team is global in scope and working to tackle some of the toughest problems in our industry. We could always use your help!

Jason "BitBender" Brink

Project Director, Quoxent

Join a global team working to tackle some of the biggest challenges in distributed tracking

Quoxent is always looking for talented developers, engineers, designers, and researchers seeking to push the boundaries of science, design, and distributed ledger technologies. 

With Quoxent, you can work with a team that is dedicated to creating positive change, no matter what. 


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 Quoxent (/ˈkwōSHənt/) (ticker: QUO) is a Proof-of-Stake and Masternode-based Cryptocurrency. We are a data agnostic IoT chain designed for the purpose of data transmission and verification for the IoT world.