What is Quoxent?

Quoxent (/ˈkwōSHənt/) (ticker: QUO) is a Proof-of-Stake and Masternode-based distributed ledger. We are a data-agnostic Internet-of-Things (IoT) based IoT chain designed for the purpose of data transmission and verification for the IoT world.

It has been a long development road, but we hope that in the near future we can push more updates and release the new wallet.

Keep watching for updates!


Broad Applicability with a Focus on Use Case Development

Our primary focus is on the creation of use cases to connect the IoT world with the distributed ledger. With a focus on development, iteration, and the production of quality concepts and projects, Quoxent is ready to take on the world of IoT. See some of the use cases we are working on below. 

Logistics Tracking

The nature of the QUO distributed ledger lends itself perfectly for the tracking of logistics information. Whether it is a mobile-based origin scan, IoT data from a module inside the payload, or container-level tracking, QUO is building a solution that can handle your logistics needs. 

Distributed Climate Data

With the DataBlossom package, QUO is working on developing a system to allow the distributed collection and collation of climate data. Whether you want to record air quality data for insurance purposes, or simply want to be able to monitor the thermostat while traveling, we have you covered. 

Earth Sciences

At Quoxent, we will never forget our roots in the Earth Sciences and are continuing the process of iterating and creating earth-science innovations in partnership with Thailand’s Rajamangala Institute of Technology (Thonburi). We hope to be able to deploy these sensors soon!

Join a global team working to tackle some of the biggest challenges in distributed tracking

Quoxent is always looking for talented developers, engineers, designers, and researchers seeking to push the boundaries of science, design, and distributed ledger technologies. 

With Quoxent, you can work with a team that is dedicated to creating positive change, no matter what. 


The Quoxent Distributed Ledger


With a low block time, transactions on the QUO blockchain confirm quickly


Using a mixed PoS and Masternode system, the QUO ledger is secure from tampering


Data written to the QUO ledger is preserved in perpetuity

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 Quoxent (/ˈkwōSHənt/) (ticker: QUO) is a Proof-of-Stake and Masternode-based Cryptocurrency. We are a data agnostic IoT chain designed for the purpose of data transmission and verification for the IoT world.

A Note on Rebranding

As we transition through the rebranding process, we will be releasing additional updates and software as they become available. This is not a simple process and it may take some time. However, rest assured in the knowledge that we are working hard to prepare the next versions of the software needed for release.